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Art Bra Austin is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas. Artists and designers create/design bras for a runway show in which all the models are breast cancer patients and survivors. The bras are auctioned off to raise money for the center. I collaborated with The Piazza Center to design and create this piece for one of Dr. Piazza's patients to model on the runway.

The name of this piece is "You Are Beautiful". To create this piece I took inspiration from my favorite artist, Cy Twombly. I painted on raw, non-gessoed canvas with acrylic paints and accented areas with pastels and water soluble crayons. Then I cut up the canvas and hand stitched the pieces to the bra base with embroidery thread creating the bra. I hand painted more raw canvas in the same manner for the skirt which was made by BCRC volunteer Norma Jean Chapa to finish the ensemble. 

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